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The cello off Martin Grudaj

A cello more than 200 years old

Martin plays since about 2010 on a French cello which was built around 1800. Builder was Francois Fent.

The violin maker was born in Tyrol and lived and worked much of his life in Paris. He lived the uncle of another famous violin maker, Bernhard Fendt, in England.

About the builder François Fent

FENT, François (FENDT, Franz Placidus) Born 1733 Füssen Germany died 1796 Paris France. Pupil of A. Gedler. Moved to Paris c.1760, working in Monmartre ‘près de la rue du Mail’ or ‘cul-de-sac St Pierre’.

Altered his name to the French ‘François Fent’ but gave the description ‘Deutser’ or ‘Deitscher’ on some labels. Joined in about 1783 by his nephews Johann and Bernhard Simon. Johann died in 1789.

Bernhard continued as his assistant until his death in 1796 and then moved to London. In the context of the pre-revolutionary Paris school, Fent was an extremely advanced and sophisticated maker, a precursor of Pique and Lupot, and certainly a strong influence on them.

(source: Wikipedia)